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Reasons Why Bats Have An Off-Season

Bats have the offseason. But to spend cooling offseason for the coming year, bat chooses to hibernate or migrate for the winter. So, why bats took the first flight out of town when the cold weather began to push back?

The answer is a cold temperature and the food! To survive subfreezing temperatures winter can bring with it, the bats must hibernate or migrate.

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Hibernation is a time when bats rest to conserve energy. It can take anywhere from several hours to several months, depending on environmental conditions, species, and several other factors. If the temperature is too warm hibernacula, bats will exert too much energy, which risks their survival. Conversely, if the temperature is too cold hibernacula, bats will simply freeze to death.


Some migrate south for the winter to follow the direction of insects and the weather is warm. But as soon as spring back and the food is plentiful, they returned home again. So migration is temporary, and the second refers to the migration, to and from the location.

Migratory species of bats include the silver-haired bats, eastern red bats, hoary bats, and most of the other bats nesting trees. Their food after including termites, beetles, mosquitoes and flies.