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Raw Honey is the Real One – Fell in Love With It Today

Everyone considers honey to be a natural food, right? Well, if you find a wild bee hive in the desert and a brave bee pulls a handful, then yes, then enjoy a bite of raw honey which is natural and nutritious, full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. 

But did you know that most of the honey sold has NO nutritional value? It's true, the cheapest honey you can find at the grocery store is no better for you than tablespoon sugar. You can now buy the best-quality beehive products for sale online.  

Investigating Food Fraud in the Honey Industry

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Raw honey, as in beehive, contains about 600 ingredients, which makes it a truly unique product in nature. It has been proven that many of these ingredients are good for us and many others that we do not fully understand. 

For example, honey has antibacterial properties so it is useful for treatment. It is also a very important source of antioxidants, which are essential for our diet, and contains many vitamins. 

Commercial processing, particularly heating, removes nearly all of these valuable components of honey, leaving only the sugar and water. So don't hesitate to sprinkle cheap branded processed honey on your toast. Save your money and use old corn syrup instead, it's just as useless as groceries.

Then we come to the topic of taste. Comparing unprocessed honey to cheaply processed brands is like comparing good wine to industrial alcohol. Which actually challenges the essence of the flower that the bees eat to do so. 

It has a heavenly floral scent; The flavors are as complex and varied as fine wine or pure olive oil and range from strong and intense black buckwheat honey to delicate floral notes with a hint of dullness.