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Preventing Bed Bug Bites – How To Avoid Bed Bugs

There is no doubt that bed bugs are everywhere. Bed bugs are not only found in residential homes, they also hide in hotels, public transport, waiting under a seat in a movie theater, retail store dressing room, medical facilities, and any place you can think of where they can find to feed on human blood.

And even if there are no human casualties at this time, these bugs can live without food for months. You got it. Another thing, these bloodsuckers do not discriminate. You need to hire professional bed bug removal company to get rid of such troublesome pests.

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Are you fussy about the household or not, whether you are staying in a mansion or just getting by in the project, the average run of the bed bugs does not care. They will attack you without any reservation if they feel your presence.

Because of the consequences more serious than you think. So start learning how to avoid even one-bed bug on haunting you and your family now.

First, look for any signs.

1. Adult-sized bugs appear as small red-brown insects about the size of an apple seed.

2. Nymphs are translucent and they often display a light reddish after a blood meal.

3. Eggs about 1mm small and look like grains of rice.

Check all this in bed frames, mattresses, headboards and furniture. This bug also likes to lounge in small cracks and crevices so you might want to change a flashlight when you check them out.

Other signs of a bed bug infestation tiny blood spots and spots on mattresses and sheets. If a bed bug infestation is bad enough, you will see a clear sweet fragrance that smells like an old granola bar.