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Making a choice and selection of wallpaper easier

It is likely that you are unfamiliar with the jargon that you are suddenly trying to make sense of if you are new to wallpaper. It is important to consider them before deciding on which wallpaper is the best for you, as you may not even be aware that there are different types of wallpaper out there. The kind of wallpaper you are selecting can depend on several factors, and today we are going to help you with it. The blog here will be explaining to you the varied kinds of wallpaper that are available and the kind of factors that should be considered while deciding on the type of wallpaper that suits you the best.

The following are three primary ways in which the wallpapers differ by the pattern repeat, pattern match, and the way in which it is applied. Wallpaper should be suited to the living rooms and hallways since these rooms are used mostly as they have different measurements and different levels of durability.

The following are the breakdown of the varied kinds of wallpapers that are there:

1) Pattern repeat

The vertical distances between where the patterns are identical would be repeating themselves.

The pattern repeats would be differing here as the common repeats of the patterns are 64cm, 53 cm, or 26.5 cm. Make sure to measure the height that is between the floor and ceilings prior to ordering the wallpaper, as you need to consider the length of the repeat pattern here.

2) Pattern match

It is the way in which the wallpaper is hung, allowing the pattern to match from sheet to sheet.

There are varied kinds of pattern matches that you can make your selection from as follows:
  • Straight pattern match – The design needs to match the strips on either end, allowing you to bear in mind the length of the wall and the line up of the paper in the correct manner.
  • Offset pattern match – It is yet another hardest wallpaper in terms of being applied to create the maximum wastage being known as half drop. At the ceiling line on every other strip and the design trends that are running diagonally, this offset match wallpaper repeats itself.
  • Free match – It is the simplest way in terms of applying wallpaper since the pattern is a completely random one.
3) Application

The manner in which the wallpaper is hung in the application. There are two ways in which it can be done. The difference between these would be the manner in which you can activate and apply the paste to the wallpaper.