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Maintaining Your Food Truck in the Winter

Half of the country is experiencing freezing cold, inclement weather during this part of the year. This is especially significant for businesses that partially or wholly depend on weather conditions for sales. And even if these businesses can find ways to keep sales up while they endure the cold, they also have to maintain the operating equipment that spends long periods of time outside.

Food trucks are no exception to this rule. Just like with cars, truck owners constantly run into difficulties with starting up the engine in the cold conditions.

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The Basic Costs of a Food Truck Operation

Although you and other catering truck owners should aim to prepare your trucks before the winter season starts, if you haven't there are still easy ways to do maintenance jobs and safety checks that are specific to chilled air and winter driving before the season is over. Here are a few steps to ensuring that your mobile food stand makes it through the rest of the season:

Make sure your regular maintenance is up to date. If you do this during the wintery season, you can help make sure that you don't encounter unexpected repairs.

Look at your antifreeze. To help protect your food vehicle, make sure that your truck contains a full level of 50/50 mix of water and antifreeze throughout the season. You can get this inspected at a service station or test it yourself the appropriate tool.