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Learn the German Language – 3 Study Success Secrets to Learn German In Singapore

If you want to learn German then this article is for you. You will receive three simple tips that will not only make learning German easier for you but will also speed up the learning process.

Once you have this knowledge, learning German is much more fun. If you are reading this article, It is appreciated that you are a native English speaker, or at least really enjoy reading English. This is a huge advantage when learning German. If you want to know more about the German language then you can check it out here.

Because English and German are very closely related and there are many things that are related. Take the English word "fish". In German, it means "fish" and is pronounced exactly like the English word fish. 

There are many more examples of these, such as "chocolate" and "chocolate" – spelled slightly differently, but pronounced almost the same.

Focusing on this part of the speech first will be a quick way to expand your German vocabulary. But knowing vocabulary alone is not enough.

You should also be able to use your vocabulary comfortably while speaking. It is common for language learners who learn incorrectly to know hundreds or thousands of words but not be able to use them. 

This is because they only memorize the translation of the words individually rather than actually using the words.