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Know More About Modern Pool Covers

In the modern era, there are virtually unlimited ways to incorporate automatic pool cover into the build. In the past, you are pretty much limited to a plain rectangular pool with the industry looking aluminium lid to cover the housing mechanism hidden. This mind-set has become a thing of the past. To know more about pool cover, you should refer to

pool covers

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No longer the track should be installed at the bottom of the pool coping. The new standard in this industry is to mount a receiver (encapsulation) on the bond beams pool before overcoming installed. The receiver then receives the track and held in place by mating groove after plastic shim is inserted. This method has two major benefits. 

The first is the elimination of tracks pulling loose from the coping. The second allows for thinner and less dense coping stones.

 Using this type of encapsulated track allows for a pool in pool design as well. The swimming pool can be of freeform design but with the benefit of a below deck and hidden pool cover system. 

The outside perimeter of the swimming pool remains rectangular with a step-down onto the lower deck surface around the swimming pool. In effect, you have a picture frame around your pool

The extreme cantilever is another option. With this method, the design of the free form is maintained throughout the build. This is achieved by building a swimming pool as you would for a swimming pool on the application pool and then the form is placed on the track to the edge of the unique shape of the pool, decking concrete poured into the finished elevation. 

Once the form is removed there is 4-6 inches notch for the cover to travel through. In some cases, the tracks have been as far as four feet from the water's edge.

Hidden housing being covered by addressing or deck material for a more attractive appearance. These stones are held in place by heavy-duty brackets placed at predetermined intervals to accommodate the width and length of the lid material. If the material being used is thinner than 2 inches or brick or stone tiles, pots or system tray can be used to secure materials for. Using this type of heavy walk-on lid allows for the hidden leading option.

The leading edge of the cover system can be completely tucked under the housing cap is hidden by using specially designed brackets that extend to the edge of the water. lowering the bond beam then notched during the construction phase, to allow the pocket to the forefront of the rigid cover to tuck into. 

The water level should be considered during construction to keep the leading edge of the dragging through the water. This can be achieved with a skimmer reduction of one to two inches of normal height.

The combination of tin on top and has been used to design a truly unique waterscape. Of entries beaches, waterfalls, caves and spas with a spill-overs, your imagination is the only limit when it comes to combining automatic pool cover into the design of your pool.