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How To Create A Big Impact With A Small Business Card

All companies use business cards. It is the most common marketing tool that any business can have. Most of them are boring and don't have the challenge of getting a second notice, which is a problem. The solution is to create a unique card that immediately grabs attention.

I was at a mixer last night and the attendees were exchanging business cards with anyone who wanted one. I found it interesting that most of them were full color with UV or matte paint and they all had one thing in common, the fact that none of them stood out. The people who delivered it were nice people who waited and even prayed for new business connections. To be fair, the print quality was mostly good to excellent.

When I got home I threw them on my desk and the only thing that caught my eye was that they weren't noticeable and in the pile, they all looked the same. When searching online, you can also check the best matte black membership cards at

I also gave my business cards to 48 people and within two weeks I received 27 phone calls and emails and got 19 new jobs. Not bad for a night of free bread and handshakes. Many said the first comment was "You have a great card, where did you get it?"

The question is, how powerful is your business card? How can it withstand critical scrutiny if it is worth keeping? Will you get a second notice for good design and standard full-color printing? Will you make a positive impression strong enough to stand out from the crowd?

We all know how important a strong brand is in keeping your business name at the top of the list for your unique products and services. One of the least expensive ways to strengthen your brand is to add an eye-catching effect, a wow factor, to your business card so that it stays at the top of the pile.