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Everything You Need To Know About Breast Revision In Dallas

Breast revision is a process used to tighten drooping or sagging breasts using breast implants. This procedure can be performed in some cases after mastectomy surgery, but it may also be done while still having breast tissue.

Breast revision, also known as a breast lift or mastectomy, is a surgical procedure to improve the appearance of the breasts. Breast revision can be done on either the left or right side of the body, depending on the individual’s preferences. It can be done to correct any number of problems with the breasts, including sagging, ptosis (drooping), deformity, and scars. 

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Before surgery, your surgeon will discuss with you all of your options and determine which type of breast revision is best for you. Many times, a breast lift alone is enough to improve the look of your breasts. However, if there are structural issues with the breasts that need to be addressed, such as ptosis or sagging, a breast augmentation may also be necessary.

After discussing your goals and expectations with your surgeon, you will begin pre-operative preparations. This includes making sure that you are healthy and have no medical conditions that would preclude surgery. You will also receive instructions on how to prepare for and recover from surgery. 

When it comes time for surgery, your surgeon will perform a general anesthetic in order to make the experience as painless as possible.