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Eco Friendly Houses for Creating Lodging after Natural Disasters

It seems that in recent years more than previous natural disasters occur in the various zones of the world. While some countries that climate change began to send our way really signals are clear, others claim that it is the increasing amount of information available that make us feel as the real number is higher.

Whether one or the other, the truth is that the increased awareness of the risk of suffering from some areas of the planet and the inevitable need to find a solution development that respects the environment has led many people to the projection and implementation of innovative solutions to face the consequences of such events. You can click to read more about wooden architecture.

With the aim of reducing the physical and psychological impact that this situation can have on people who are already facing a large enough tragedy, many initiatives and projects have been born to respond quickly and effectively to the needs of flood and earthquake lodging victim.  

Both materials are, in fact, adapt to the climatic characteristics and soil regions registering a high probability of suffering from such events. flexibility, greater than brick buildings able to accommodate the movement of the earth and its capacity to absorb and release moisture makes them perfect for areas with high humidity levels.

However, one of the most important advantages of this construction when talking about the shelters for victims of natural disasters is the speed at which they can be built. While prefabricated wooden houses partly build on the construction site, thereby reducing installation time at the site of the final, bamboo panels can be easily transported by people without vehicles or special equipment and can be assembled using a relatively simple tool.