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Detail About Some Power Transmission Parts

The power transmission is the movement of energy from its place of production to where it is applied to performing useful work. It is very important in the operation of several machines.

There are several Komatsu transmission parts such as pulleys, couplings, speed reducers, transmission belts, drive chains, universal joints, gears, worms, and gearboxes. Now let's learn some of them.

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The first is the coupling. It refers to a device that is used to connect two shafts at their ends for power transmission purposes. There are two main types of connections, namely rigid couplings and flexible couplings. The first is designed to draw two tight trees so that no relative movement can occur between them. This design is entirely appropriate for certain types of equipment. 

In addition, rigid couplings are to be applied when the alignment of the two shafts can be maintained very precisely, not only at the time of installation, but also during the operation of the machines. And it is designed for torque transmission while permitting a certain axial softness, radial, and angular.

Many types of flexible couplings are available commercially. For example, the coupling of the chain is a very common type. Regarding the coupling of the chain, the torque is transmitted by a chain doubt rolls. And the play between the chain and the sprocket teeth on the two coupling halves misalignment.

Let another important type of speed coupling. Meanwhile, the torque is transmitted between the teeth of the crown-punched from the sleeve coupling half. The crown shape of gear teeth enables a misalignment.