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Cut The Coughing And Sniffles With Halotherapy

Since we live in cleaner air than our forefathers have, we have a tendency to get more ailments. While this may appear odd, some respiratory ailments, like asthma and allergies, were not common even one century ago. Through the thousands of years during which humankind evolved, our forefathers were living in much less clean conditions as compared to the way we live today. 

In time our immune system has evolved to be able to function properly due to exposure to all pathogens our forefathers were exposed to. Salt therapy is a secure and natural option for treatment that can offer health benefits for various respiratory ailments, including those that are growing in severity. You can also know more about halotherapy online via

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It is not just beneficial for respiratory ailments as well as specific skin disorders and also for lower blood pressure. The body naturally has salt, or saline within our bodies, mostly in our bodily fluids including sweat, tears, and blood. The presence of salt acts as a protection mechanism, preventing the growth of many harmful diseases. 

The therapy is based on the idea that salt gets taken in and transformed into tiny salt particles which release in the atmosphere. This increases the exposure to the salt through breathing. It also allows salt particles to reach through the respiratory system, the area where it can provide health benefits. 

The principal mechanism that this therapy operates is that salt acts as an attraction for water and, once it has entered and is absorbed into the membrane that lines the respiratory tract it draws water from the cells to the respiratory tract.