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Bioresonance Therapy- Know More

Every substance and every cell in every part of the human body also radiates its energy. These include viruses, bacteria, allergens, and substances that are beneficial to the body.

They all have very specific and distinctive wavelengths or frequencies with very individual properties. This is called the "frequency model".

Cells communicate with each other – this is how frequency models are created. We all live in the age of communication and information.

Your body functions and regulates itself by communicating and exchanging communications between the various cells of the body.

Cellular communication through this "lightning" takes place at a certain frequency. In a healthy body, each cell can do its job and exchange information seamlessly.

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With the growing popularity of bioresonance therapy, several questions can arise about it.

It works on the cause, not the symptom

If you have a headache or vomiting, you can take bioresonance medicine for bioresonance therapy. In serious cases, you go to the doctor's office and the specialist will then prescribe another medication.

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On the other hand, substances caused by stress or perhaps its effects can interfere with or inhibit this type of communication between cells.

Disruptive substances such as chemical toxins, infections, microbes, parasites, volatile organic compounds, pesticides, and allergens can interfere with cell-to-cell communication.