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All About Lock Repair

Lock repair is a great way to keep your house safe and secure. There are many different types of locks, and each has its own particular set of features that make it effective for particular applications. Here are three types of locks that you may encounter in your home: 

1. Keyed Lock: A keyed lock is operated with a key, which you must insert into the lock to open it. This type of lock is usually used on doors that are not frequently accessed, such as the basement or garage. 

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2. Pin Lock: A pin lock uses a small steel pin to secure the door against theft. To open the door, you need to insert a special key that fits into the lock's pins and turn it until the pins pop out of the hole in the door. This type of lock is more commonly found on doors that are frequently accessed, such as the front door. 

3. Deadbolt Lock: A deadbolt lock is one of the most common types of locks found in homes today. It uses two locking mechanisms-a bolt that slides into a hole on the door frame and a bolt that secures the door from the inside to make sure that only authorized people can open

How Much Does a Lock Repair Cost?

Lock repair is a great way to keep your house safe and secure. It doesn’t matter if you have a standard or a keyed lock, a broken lock can leave your home unprotected. The average cost for lock repair is around $60, but this price can vary depending on the type of lock and the severity of the break. If you notice that your lock is not working properly, it’s best to get it fixed as soon as possible