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A Little Bit About Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication is the process of fabricating – assembling or making – thing out of iron, or alloys. From specialized machine parts to iron railings or gates, just about anything made out of metal is made by people in the fabrication industry.

Metal fab shops are a part of our everyday lives. The cars we drive in, homes we live in and things we use on a daily basis, have parts produced by fabricators.

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Metal fab shows are important for other 'higher end' things as well. They service architects, designers, artists and businesses can work to create all sorts of beautiful things, out of all types of metals. Think of a beautiful stainless steel and glass staircase, or a wrought-iron gate in front of a mansion, or maybe an aluminum bicycle frame. All of these cool things are made by iron fabricators!

But who works in the industry, or in metal fab shops? A number of different people with different job functions work in the metal fabrication industry. To name some of the most prominent ones, consider welders to start.

Welders are people who are highly skilled at welding metals together. Welders are normally skilled in different types of welding – MIG welding, TIG welding, ARC welding to name the top three most common types of welding. Skilled welders are one of the most vital employees of any metal fab shop, and command some of the higher salaries in metal fabrication as well!

Other people, like machinists – who help design and cut parts – sometimes with the help of computers – and drafters – people who use computers to draw blueprints or even 3D models of metal things before they're "fabricated" are also important in any metal fabrication shop.